Talak 3

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A few months after the official divorce, home credit alongside Paula and Risa threatened confiscated banks. They both forced to jointly work on a large project that his results can save both their financial condition. His problem, they both work demands both should be together. In the process of the project work, resurface the seeds of love between Paula and Risa. They finally decided to refer back.

But the matter became complicated because Paula had dropped a Divorce 3 to Risa. The law requires that if a couple divorce, 3 want to see, go through Muhalil, that a man who married his bride later divorced. To smooth their intention, Paula tried to circumvent the rules by way of finding her husband a contract to Risa. In the process of searching husbands contract to Risa, they met with a wide range of characters that automatically find hilarious and funny events.

Finally the choice fell on a Bimo, childhood friend Paula and Risa are considered good and responsible. In the process of planning a wedding of Risa and Bimo, revealed when Bimo had kept the flavor of love with Risa.

How is the continuation of the love story of Paula, Risa and Bimo? Watch the film at the cinema 3 Talak began February 4, 2016.
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